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What Are the Benefits of Lip Lift Surgery?

Looking for a surgical alternative to lip fillers? The “bullhorn lift,” or subnasal lip lift in London, provides a natural-looking, permanent solution without the risk of over-filling. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision at the base of the nose, curving around the nostrils in a “bull’s horn” shape to lift and slightly turn out the lips for a fuller, more youthful appearance.

The bullhorn lift is particularly effective for those with a long philtrum or a flat vermillion border. Over time, facial tissues may sag, accentuating these concerns. To learn more about this procedure, contact our London clinic today.

Quick Reference

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Anaesthesia Used: Local anaesthesia

Hospital Stay: Day Case but can stay overnight if preferred

Pre Admission Tests: N/A

Quick Reference

Downtime: Up to 1 week

Driving: 1 weeks

Exercise: 1 – 2 weeks

Final Result: Instant

Addresses: Lip size and shape

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Lip Lift

From - £2000

✓    Correct misshapen lips 

✓    Increase clip size 

✓    Improve confidence 

Lip Lift in London at Top Cosmetic Surgeon

What is a Lip Lift?

A Lip Lift in London at Top Cosmetic Surgeon is a surgical procedure that reduces the distance between the columella (base of the nose) and the vermilion border (upper lip line). This can enhance facial balance and aesthetics by shortening the philtrum, which may naturally elongate with age or be long from birth.

Expertise in Lip Lift in London

Top Cosmetic Surgeon specializes in Lip Lift in London, using bespoke surgical techniques to achieve optimal results. The clinic also offers revisional procedures for those who had lip lifts elsewhere.

Ideal Candidates for Lip Lift in London

A Lip Lift in London is ideal for those with a philtrum longer than 15 mm. This procedure enhances the upper lip’s natural pout, increases vermillion show, and improves overall facial aesthetics. It’s particularly beneficial for those with signs of aging such as volume loss, thinning lips, and perioral wrinkles.

Subnasal Lip Lift: Procedure and Recovery

The procedure, often done under local anaesthetic, involves removing a strip of skin below the nose. The “deep plane” lip lift technique reduces scar risk and enhances longevity. Post-surgery, expect swelling and mild pain controlled by OTC painkillers. Use ice packs, avoid strenuous activities for two weeks, and apply antibiotic ointment as directed.

Lip Lift in London: Additional Considerations

  • A corner lip lift may be better for downturned mouths.
  • Top Cosmetic Surgeon often combines lip lifts with other facial procedures for comprehensive rejuvenation.
  • Follow post-surgery care for best results, including silicone therapy for scars.

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